Boss will be boss..

Di bawah adalah beberapa kalimat yang saya dapat hari ini. Entah sedang sensitif, entah bagaimana, kalimat-kalimat itu masih bisa saya ingat dengan cukup baik,

1. “You always make a big loss..”

My reaction: (TF, did i just hear? Always, he said. ALWAYS!! Dammit, it’s month end!! And it’s because that sickfark system rate, that IDR balance and THAT long holiday! Not me, you greedy bastard!! – di dalam hati doang tapi)

2. (Insert long sigh here) “Why is it at 9.570? Last week’s not this big. Have you checked with other bank?”

My reaction: (Dat face mode, GAH!!) “It’s bla bla bla because bla bla bla. I’ve already checked with bla and this 9.570 is better and yes, last week is only at 9.49something bla bla bla bla bla” (……. and fyi, i’m just a farking Officer!! – di dalam hati doang tapi)

His reaction: *frowning* “So think, how to bla bla bla, not buy it at the end of month, buy it earlier bla bla bla or bla bla bla bla..”

My reaction: DAFUQ!! “Last week we had Idul Fitri holiday so there’s no bla bla bla bla bla bla bla and we have to pay bla bla bla, that’s why we don’t have bla bla bla. For next i’ll buy twice a week if there’s bla bla bla. Once we have bla bla bla i’ll just go buy bla bla bla bla bla bla..”

His reaction: *Sighing* “OK”

My reaction: “Ok, thank you” BAH!!


Dari November 2011 kemana ajaaaaaaaa!!!!??

~ by zkaeatworld on August 28, 2012.

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